Sanitize 99.9% of virus within 30 seconds


The Simplest and Fastest Way to Disinfect Mobile Devices & Personal Belongings – it makes disinfection compliance convenient and easy. Reduce the spread of workplace – required infections in just 30 seconds.

It seamlessly integrates into any environment or workflow, such as outside of operating rooms, patient rooms, nurses’ stations, or any other location that is most convenient and visible for compliance.

Scan to Sanitizing

Sanitizing your device or your personal belonging by using ONE App to open and activate the Rapid UVC Sanitizing Station. 


30s Rapid Sanitizing

Rapid UVC Sanitizing Station can sanitize 99.9% virus on your belongings within 30 seconds.

Six Times Quicker Than Traditional Wipes!

UV-C light disinfection in hospitals is more reliable and efficient than wipes–plus, it does not degrade the integrity of devices over time.

Enhanced surrounded UVC sanitizing

Surrounded with 3 x 8W and 2 x 6W UVC Lamp. Providing 360 degree UVC Sanitizing.

You can STOP sanitizing process any time.

Press the retrieve button you can retrieve your device or belonging any time.

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