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YOO PLUS Coin Operated Cell Phone Charger with UV Sanitizer


  • YOO Plus is compact enough for putting it on table for offering charging services
  • Custom branding could be added to promote your company’s or sponsor’s marketing.
30,000mAh BATTERY
  • Charge up 8 devices from 0% to 100%.
Generate income
  • BUSINESS OWNER Generate income form offering a charging solution to their clients.


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YOO PLUS Coin Operated Cell Phone Charger with UV Sanitizer


  • Coin-operated: Workable for all type of coins (EURO, GBP, USD, CHF … etc. )
  • UV-C Sanitizer: Wavelength falls in the range of UVC (100-280 nm)

  • UV-C Sanitization Dose: 91 uWSec / cm2

  • 1x 3W UVC Bulb, activated for 5 minutes every time the door is closed

  • Easy Setup: Setting up Charging Time (no. of minutes) per specified Coins just with a few steps
    • Euro 20 Cent = 10 mins / 50 Cent = 25 mins / 1 Doller = 60 mins
  • Battery Capacity: 30,000 mAh, High Quality Lithium Polymer Battery
  • LED Power Indicator: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
  • Charging Time Display: 3-Digit [888] LED Seven-Segment Display
  • Charging Output: 5V/2.4A Fast Charging
  • Charging Cable: 3-in-1 Industrial-Grade, Tempered-Proof Braided Charging Cable
  • Housing Material: Cold-rolled Steel with Durable Powder-Coating
  • Kensington Anti-thief Security Lock Hole Ready
  • Dimensions: 145mm x 175mm x 225mm
  • Weight: 3.3kg