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LIA 43" HD Video Charging Locker

43 inch HD Video Charging Locker allows guests at conferences, sporting events, restaurants, festivals and more to recharge their mobile devices on site, without having toΒ  wait by a charging outlet or station. Featuring eight separate lockers, this unit charges mobile devices while operating just like any hotel safe.

This model also comes with a 43” HD Android TV for video and image playback, or static backlit billboard perfect for poster / logo display. Offer this unique benefit to your guests to enhance their experience and increase engagement with your brand.

Model No.: PL-SL08-Y2



LIA 43" HD Video Charging Locker



– 43” HD Digital Screen (Android TV or Video Player)

– Proprietary Pin Code Locking System with Audio Assistant Guide

– Stainless Steel Keypad & 3” LED Operating Display

– 3x Industrial-grade Braided Charging Cables inΒ  (Micro-USB / Lightning / USB Type-C) in each bay

– Charging Output: 5V/2.4A Max Fast Charging in each bay