All in ONE

Clean & Charge Lockers


Charging Locker with QR Code Payment

The Process of Using Clean & Charge Lockers

1. Download ONE app and use ONE app search Clean & Charge Locker which nearby.

2. Scan the QR code on Clean & Charge Locker through the app. Unlock a locker box by typing in your unique 4-digit pin code.

3. A locker box will be unlocked for user to charge their devices.

4. You can retrieve your device after typing in your unique 4-digit pin code.

The benefit of ALL-in-ONE


App development is expensive. Our ALL-in-ONE features reduce your investment when building applications that communicate with hardware.


Reduce your time to market by fast prototyping and testing your assumptions without hiring a team of designers and engineers.


We can customize your brand in the whole system. to youCheck out the variety of interface elements that you can snap together to build a practical GUI for your product or project

Designed for IoT

Visualize sensor data, control your equipment remotely, set notifications and rules, manage multiple devices and more.

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